Our Trademarks

Attention to detail and exceptional customer service are trademarks of our company. We specialize in White Glove Service and look to ensure that your valuable treasures are received, stored securely and delivered safely to you on time to your complete satisfaction. 

What We Do

 DDS specializes in the high end furniture and antiques market, giving special attention to the needs of interior designers and their clients.  We pride our selves in our white glove deliveries and installations.  Our drivers are experienced, clean, courteous, and helpful.  DDS offers a myriad of other services, including but not limited to hanging art work and mirrors, receiving, on-sight repairs of furniture, and earthquake proofing of large items.  We also have a large warehouse where the items for your project can be held in storage until you are ready for delivery.


White Glove Delivery



Antique Handling

On-sight Assembly

Headboard Mounting

Earthquake Proofing

Art Installation

Area Rug Placement

Warehouse Storage





Furniture Assembly


Repair and Touch-Up

System Installation and Reconfiguration

White Glove Service

We Specialize in White Glove delivery and installation services, hallmarked by care, special attention, and a high level of professional handling. Our employees are trained in the handling of high end furniture, antiques, hanging of art and mirrors, as well as earthquake proofing and more. We provide our customers special care, including, but not limited to, blanket wrap delivery and blanket covering for floor and railing. Please contact us for further information.


DDS offers short and long-term storage as well as online inventory access, receiving, inspection, repair and consolidation. Our facility provides over 15,000 square feet of racked storage. We keep our clients up to date with received product and existing or new inventory. Please call us to set up an online account, inquire about pricing, or for instructions on receiving.

Art & Antiques

With our focus on special handling, we have worked with many art and antique dealers as well as high-end furniture showrooms for over 20 years. Items we receive and deliver include, but are not limited to, antique furniture and accessories, art pieces, and crystal chandeliers. Each item is inspected, carefully prepared and expertly packaged for delivery, with custom packing determined by a comprehensive evaluation of each piece.

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Online Inventory Access

Inventory access is available online for those with approved accounts.